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Supper club food on the roof is the first social eating project in Naples

The rules of supper club​

  1. The supper club is an hidden home

  2. At the supper club you share the table with who knows who

  3. The supper club proposes a date and a menu

  4. You book for the supper club online

  5. Then the supper club reveal the location

  6. In the supper club you BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE (BYOB)

  7. If you don't know what a supper club is, you have to try it then!

Who we are

We accidentally bumped into each other after years, Silvia invited Valentina to visit her new house...after a couple of coffees and a lot of chocolate we decided to start Food On The Roof, a Supper Club where Valentina's knowledge and passion for cooking takes shape between Silvia’s lovely kitchen and her beautiful roof.

Here we are

To share gastronomic events with friends, turists, artists, foodies and curious people...

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